Forgot a Japanese word you saw? Try this Chrome extension.

Yomichan — a Google Chrome Extension


If you have Chrome installed, you can directly install the Yomichan extension at the Chrome store. Once installed, relaunch Chrome, and head to Settings > Extensions > Yomichan > Extension Options.

Multiple Dictionary Support

Adding a secondary dictionary like a Pitch Dictionary complements the first dictionary
The longest compound word is first shown
The dictionary finds the root form of conjugated verbs and adjectives


JapanesePod101 audio files are pre-installed on Yomichan.

Anki Integration

Anki — the most popular flashcard app for spaced repetition
Add AnkiConect as an Add-on to Anki
My Anki flashcard setup with reversed card for recall
Preview of an Anki flashcard


Most things are on the web today, so news, articles, books, manga, anime, and even games can be source materials for Yomichan+Anki. Check the following story if you’re interested in a more detailed use case.



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