How I find Japanese people to play games with and VC on Discord

Openrec — a Japanese streaming platform

A lot of people use language exchange apps like HelloTalk to talk to Japanese people, but I prefer playing games and talking casually with Japanese people. It’s completely free, less awkward, and you don’t have to teach them English in return.

Find multiplayer games with an active player base

Create a Japanese Twitter account

Ask to join a game

The number after @ stands for the number of players they are looking to play with. Look for posts with the keywords “FF 外” which means anyone can join. The opposite of that is “FF 内” which means only looking to play with people who have followed and are followers of their’s.

Keywords for VC: 通話Discord、通話あり、通話ディスコ

Keywords that mean NOT looking for VC: 通話なし、❌ 通話

Once you find a tweet, you can simply reply FF外から失礼します。参加したいです。

If you’re too shy to speak Japanese to strangers in the beginning, you can also ask 聞き専でも大丈夫ですか which means you will go into VC to listen to their conversation but mute yourself. I sometimes do this if I want to focus on playing the game while hearing other people speak.

After they’ve agreed, open your DMs and ask for their Discord server 鯖(サバ). There’s no need to create an extra jp Discord account since a lot of Japanese people has English discord names.

Follow Online Etiquette

If they do find out that you’re a foreigner, be honest and say where you come from and would like to play with Japanese people. Some people will refuse to play with you after that, others are pretty happy talking to a person who is making an effort speak their language.

Write a short tweet to thank them for their games

Find more friends by writing an introduction card

Important: Please do not join VC if you don’t have a basic level of Japanese speaking ability. I’m talking at least N3 level. Not every Japanese person wants to play games with a foreigner and I don’t want to make it harder for everyone else to do so.

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