I Built an App to Learn and Retain Japanese Words while I’m Gaming

Game2Text — the bridge to help you learn languages when you’re gaming.

The Power of Immersive Learning

Persona 5 — a video game released on PS4

The Problem: Poor Retention

Learning a language when you’re a kid is simple — you listen or read, say it aloud, notice how people react to whatever you’re spitting and your brain does all the magic and installs the language. As you become an adult this magic vanishes and you find yourself struggling to memorize even a dozen expressions.

Physical Fate/stay night Flashcards I made in 2011 to remember English words

The Solution? Game2Text — a bridge between games and the browser

Game2Text’s Website: https://game2text.com
How to use Game2Text
Post about Game2Text on r/LearnJapanese

Kanji Finder

Game Screenshot

You can collapse or expand the game preview

DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate

Clipboard Mode for Visual Novel Texthookers

Clipboard Mode


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