Play PSP and DS games on the iPhone without Jailbreaking

Persona 3 Portable — a classic PSP game

Install AltStore on Your Computer

On your Mac/PC, install AltStore.

Install AltStore to your iPhone

With Apple Mail still running, click on the diamond icon and click install AltStore to your iPhone again. This time AltStore will be successfully installed and you can see it as a new app on your phone.

Install PSP Games

To transfer PSP rom files from your computer to your iPhone, first connect your phone to your computer.

If the game crashes…

If the game crashes on launch, tap Settings on the right side and tap Tools > Developer tools.

Save Menu

To save the game, click on the button on the top of the controls.

PPSSPP Save Menu

Connect a Wireless Controller

PPSSPP supports wireless controllers without additional setup.

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